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"We changed 'Betty's' name to Sadie...and she knows her new name now. We just wanted to let you know that we love little Sadie soooo much!


She has brought so much joy to us and we love all the little different personalities she has throughout the day. She has her playful side, and cuddly side and does some of the cutest things. She does some quirky little things like hiding her treats everywhere and eating them when she gets hungry, and she loves to 'fight' with her beds and drag them around, as well as her blankets. She adores going to PetSmart..we get a kick out of her excitement about being there. We love walking her, she prances like royalty (ha), and she loves Troy and I equally, which we are thrilled about.


We couldn't have asked for a little girl that fit us and our lifestyle any more than she does. She is so easy to train and eager to please, and of course, we are eager to please her too. Her hair is starting to grow out and getting a little shinier, and she has put on a little bit of weight and she is just gorgeous!


So we just wanted to thank you for calling us, and gifting us with the most precious little girl.....we can't imagine life without her now. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU!!!

Patti and Troy Hulsey "

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