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Steps of Adoption:


1. Complete and submit an adoption application - can be found by clicking on the box below!

2. Adoption application review within 5-7 days.

3. Adoption review


We meet with you and introduce you to the dog or cat that you've chosen, discuss and make a decision with regard to adoption and see if you are a good match.

5. Home check


A Rescues representative will come to your home so that we can ensure the animal's new home is safe and secure and free of any potential health risks. This is important to ensure the environment is suitable for a dog or cat, when necessary, educate the adopter and share some helpful tips for a successful adoption

6 . Agreement & Adoption donation 


A contractual agreement is completed between The Rescues on The Runway and the animal's new family and an adoption donation is recieved. Look into your heart, if you are able to give more, please do. Rescues on the Runway receives no corporate or government funding, and our cost to rescue and place the average dog far exceeds the adoption fee

Adoption Application Form
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